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   How EZGUIDE CANADA started.  

First, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to comment on our overhaul and to make suggestions.  If you look you'll find that we took most of them to heart. We've added new links in key areas, updated links in others and used many of your specific site and content requests. We'd love your comments on the overhaul so feel free to contact us with more suggestions. We want this site to continue to be a great start page to your Internet.

My father is the inspiration for EZGUIDE CANADA. It originally began as a very small page of links made for my father who was, at the time, about 80 years old and had just started on the Internet. The page made for him included links to search engines and a few sites that I and my brother felt he would find interesting and useful and he used it daily  A few other people saw the site and asked if we would make start pages for them including links they liked. Instead of making separate pages for each person, I made one and hosted it on a server we had. Then I added a specialized section for the Town in which I live. One thing led to another and we got asked to build pages for other people who lived in other communities...and here we are today. My father used the site up until his passing at 88 and my mother who is now over 80 herself, along with thousands of other people throughout Canada, use EZGUIDE CANADA as their start page daily.  :-)

The site is still kept up by myself and my brother. Recently, both of us have had the desire to get the site updated, improved and designed for easier maintenance.  As you can see by the progress and changes on the site, now is the time.  It will probably take us about a month to get the major portions done.  The different sections will get done first and then the local pages. If you let us know where you live it will help us prioritize which local pages get done first and possibly which we add.

To see what the top of the page will look like in your area as soon as it is done go to: http://www.ezguide.ca/peaceriver

We'll be updating local pages and information on a continuous basis until we're finished. Let me know where you are and we'll get to those first.

Thanks for using EZGUIDE CANADA and thank you for taking the time to give us your comments.

All the best to you

Don & Ron Good - Peace River, Alberta